A Seat at the Table Exhibition

UBC INSTRCC and the Museum of Vancouver proudly present a new feature exhibition, A Seat at the Table, Chinese Immigration and British Columbia. This exhibition explores historical and contemporary stories of Chinese Canadians in BC and their struggles for belonging. It looks to food and restaurant culture as an entry point to feature stories that showcase diverse immigrant experiences and communities. 

A Seat at the Table considers the contributions that Chinese migrants and their descendants have made to British Columbia—a province built on the interaction of successive and concurrent waves of migration and continuous occupation by Indigenous peoples. 

Restaurants and food offer compelling portals to understand the Chinese Canadian experience in British Columbia. A close look at the food industry reveals the impact of racial discrimination on Chinese Canadians, but also tells us much about their ability to resist, organize, seek justice and thrive.

INSTRCC Director Henry Yu and Research Director Denise Fong co-curated A Seat at the Table with Museum of Vancouver’s Viviane Gosselin, along with interpretive planning support from Catherine Clement (Chinatown Hon Hsing location). A team of student research assistants supported the development of films and other media. 

This exhibition has two sites: Vancouver Chinatown at the Hon Hsing Building presented by the Chinese Canadian Museum, and the Museum of Vancouver. The exhibitions will later travel across the province, highlighting the presence and impact of Chinese Canadians across BC. 

UBC INSTRCC remains to be a vital partner in producing and presenting this exhibition, along with the Museum of Vancouver and the Chinese Canadian Museum Society of BC.

To visit the exhibitions, please go to the Chinese Canadian Museum Society of BC and Museum of Vancouver websites to reserve a spot.