UBC Chinatown

UBC is a founding member of Chinatown House, a community-driven collective located on 188 E. Pender Street. Our mission is to foster and enhance relationships between the University and Chinatown.

Our office is located next to the City of Vancouver’s Chinatown Transformation Team and the Hua Foundation who we partner with on initiatives.


UBC Chinatown provides a strategic hub for partnerships between UBC and Chinatown community stakeholders. Our mission is to: foster and enhance relationships between UBC and Chinatown; ensure UBC initiatives build upon pre-existing resources and expertise; reduce unintended negative impacts on Chinatown communities from UBC initiatives; and support potential research and learning initiatives in Chinatown involving UBC units.


「卑詩大學唐人街工作室」是為卑詩大學和唐人街社區持份者所設立的平台,以便雙方商討合作策略。我們的宗旨如下: (1) 促進及提升卑詩大學和唐人街的伙伴關係;(2) 確保卑詩大學所倡議的活動是以現有資源和專業知識為基礎;(3) 減少這些活動對唐人街社區構成意料之外的負面影響;(4) 支援卑詩大學有份參與的唐人街研究項目和學習活動。

Office location

Chinatown House
188 E. Pender Street
V6A 1T3


Sarah Ling, Community Engagement Manager – St. John’s College UBC: sarah.ling@ubc.ca
Tyler Mark, Special Projects Coordinator, Asian Canadian and Asian Migration Studies Program: tyler.t.t.mark@gmail.com
Henry Yu, Director – UBC INSTRCC; Principal – St. John’s College: henry.yu@ubc.ca