ACAM 390A: Community Tours and Cultural Storytelling in the Virtual Space

Students from the ACAM 390A class crowdsourced a number of virtual tours and other forms of online cultural storytelling to start thinking about what works in the virtual space in preparation for their projects. Here’s a list of our favourites from the activity for you to explore!


🌐  Virtual Tours  🌐

Nikkei Stories

This virtual tour delves into the histories of Japanese Canadian communities in the Powell Street and Steveston neighbourhoods through interactive maps which incorporate short videos about notable community members and significant events for a self-guided tour of the two historic neighborhoods. The site also features a chronological account of events in Japanese Canadian history captured in photographs.

Digital Wing Luke

Wing Luke Museum in Seattle offers a 360° guided virtual tour of the museum, which focuses on the cultural storytellings of Asian American communities. The website also provides an option for a self-guided tour through interactive maps of the museum as well as the surrounding Chinatown-International District. 

Wan Chai Virtual Tour – Google Arts & Culture

This Google Arts & Culture tour was a project initiated by St. James’ Settlement as part of a revitalization and conservation effort. The best experience is via the Android or iOS apps, where you can take virtual reality tours of Wan Chai in Hong Kong. Alternatively, you can explore through the 360° views of both the interior and exterior of the historic Blue House offered on the website, as well as through the online exhibits to learn more about the Blue House Cluster.


🎬  Food & Culture Docuseries  🎬

Flavourful Origins (Netflix)

This Netflix produced series is a food & travel doc that surveys culinary traditions across China. Each short episode is centered on a food or dish and its role in the local history and culture.

The Sago Show

The Sago Show is part cooking show, part food & culture documentary that connects Filipinx food to history and cultural identity. Host and producer Rachel demonstrates the making of a Filipinx dish as she talks about how histories of imperialism have shaped the national cuisine.


🎙️  Podcasts  🎙️

Self Evident: Asian American Stories  

Self Evident shares the multitude of experiences and opinions that are embodied by those who fall within the category of “Asian American.” Through conversations with Asian Americans and Pacific Islanders at every positionality & axis of identity, the series demonstrates the importance of storytelling as resistance to the erasure of Asian American diversity.

Brown History Podcast

In this podcast series, host Ahsun Zafar sits down with writers, artist and academics of South Asian descent from around the world to discuss their work in relation to South Asian identities and activisms. Brown History Podcast is the aural companion to the Brown History Instagram page, which tells South Asian stories through photographs, many of which are submissions from the @brownhistory community.


📷  Instagram Accounts  📷


Like @brownhistory, this IG account is both a story gathering and story sharing platform. Ko Archives focuses on Japanese history telling through photographs, as well as highlighting contemporary social issues through infographics.


You might be drawn in by the aesthetic appeal of these symmetrical breakfasts, but the true gems are in the story highlights. Through these stories, Michael Zee takes you on a mouthwatering journey across China, sharing photos and videos of the local dishes and foodways.


In his most recent series, Emmanuel Hahn shares the stories of LA’s Koreatown business owners through beautiful film photographs. The series highlights how these businesses have been affected by the pandemic through intimate storytelling that captures the business owners’ hopes, dreams, and struggles.



Written by Moira Henry