MUSE Society

About Us

MUSE is a registered non-profit and charity, which functions as a collective of four Vancouver-based organizations: UBC Initiative for Student Teaching and Research in Chinese Canadian Studies (INSTRCC), Hua Foundation, Chinese Canadian Historical Society of BC, and Dr Sun Yat-Sen Classical Chinese Garden.
Our connection to Vancouver Chinatown is at the heart of our identity as longstanding community-based organisations. Celebrating cultural heritage and experiential education are what guide our actions.

Mission and Vision

MUSE aspires to share stories and bring people together through experiential education.
We hope to achieve this through improving the quality and range of educational, heritage and other community-based work in Chinatown through collective action as a consortium.
Our core values are education, heritage, community and authenticity.
We aspire to preserve and enhance cultural heritage through education for the benefit of current and future generations.

What We Do

  • We offer experiential education products and services that provide accurate, authentic, comprehensive, and culturally appropriate representations of Chinese Canadian communities.
  • MUSE supports organizations, societies and institutions by providing infrastructure and economies of scale that would be difficult for organizations to achieve individually. For instance, we can grant access to a centralized booking system or joint marketing.
  • MUSE fosters collaboration between entities to expand our collective capacity, such as joint tours or student internships across different partner organizations.
  • We use our academic expertise to support educational product development through research, fact-checking and scripting. We provide support to help organizations secure funding through our charity status and grant writing support.