Cangdong Cultural Heritage Month Academic Lecture Series, No. 1 and 2

The Construction of the Chinese community museum in Vancouver Chinatown: in the perspective of heritage preservation and community development

Join INSTRCC Director, Dr. Henry Yu, and Research Director, Denise Fong, at this online conference hosted by Cangdong Village (in Kaiping, China) on January 22nd at 5:30PM PST.

Read more about Cangdong at their website.


The Australian roots searching program and its social impact

At 6:15PM PST, Dr. Henry Yu will act as the chair to this conversation on the Australian roots-searching program and its impact, with Dr. Kate Bagnall, Univ. of Tasmania, Australia and Dr. Sophie Couchman, Curator and Historian.


The lecture series will continue on Sunday, January 23rd from 5:00 to 9:30 PM PST.

Click here to find the program schedule and Zoom link