HIST 482 Virtual Community Showcase

This year has involved many learning experiences for all of us. As some of you may know, Professor Henry Yu’s UBC summer travel class was converted into an online course this year, as HIST 482 – The History of Chinese Migration.

As with previous years, we still ended the course by hosting a Community Showcase of student projects – virtually!

The Virtual Community Showcase took place on June 24th, 2020. Students presented their pitches for their virtual heritage projects and had a chance to meet and interact with community members, alumni, and faculty. In addition, attendees were welcome to provide constructive feedback to the tour pitches.

Students researched, analyzed, and evaluated the effectiveness, accessibility, delivery, and sustainability of virtual heritage experiences/resources/tours around the world. Drawing upon their research from other virtual tours and online resources, they presented a pitch for virtual heritage experiences in Vancouver’s Chinatown and Strathcona neighbourhoods.

You can see the Virtual Community Showcase’s program here and view the showcase on YouTube below: