Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck with CCHSBC

Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck (2007)

​Contributors: Margaret Gallagher, Brandy Lien Worrall, Jacquie Adams, Jennifer Chan, Shirley Chan, Allan Cho, Grace Chow, Lily Chow, Betty Ho, George Jung, Jackie Lee-Son, Imogene Lim, Roy Mah, Gordy Mark, Lisa Moore, Amy Perreault, Dan Set, Robert Sung, Hayne Wai, Evelyn Wong, Janice Wong, Larry Wong, Todd Wong, Harley A. Wylie, May Yan-Mountain, Candace Yip, Gail Yip, Ken Yip, Henry Yu
Editor: Brandy Lien Worrall
Forward by: Margaret Gallagher

Following the success of the first workshop and the resulting publication, Eating Stories: A Chinese Canadian & Aboriginal Potluck is the result of CCHSBC’s second community writing workshop with the theme – Food and Family. Twenty-three participants of Chinese Canadian or Aboriginal backgrounds researched, discussed, and wrote their memories of family gatherings, home cooking, restaurant outings, and other stories cooked up by the smells, tastes, sounds, sights, and textures that bring families and communities together.

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Offerings – Dr. Henry Yu 

In his piece, “Offerings,” Dr. Henry Yu recalls fond memories with his grandparents, their struggles as immigrants to Canada, and the family rumour of geoduck chowder. Read Henry’s story here: Yu_Offerings_Geoduck_Chowder